For the health and safety of our campers, Camp Quest Arizona requires all campers to supply pertinent medical history and have a medical examination completed by a licensed medical professional.  The necessary forms will be supplied when you complete registration and are also on our website at and must be completed and returned to Camp Quest Arizona before the camper will be allowed to attend.  

Campers without the required medical forms will not be allowed to attend camp and their registration cancelled.

Campers will also not be allowed to attend camp and their registration will be cancelled if they are not immunized in accordance with the Center for Disease Control & Prevention's Child and Adolescent Vaccine Schedule.*

The rented camp is a remote, rural facility. Camp Quest Arizona will have one or a combination of the following:

  • A licensed medical staff person on site 24X7

  • A licensed medical staff person who will come to camp each day for a designated period of time, combined with a staff person designated as healthcare staff who will be on site 24X7

  • A designated healthcare staff person on site 24X7, with a daily electronic consultation with a licensed medical person at a remote location.

The facility provides a health cottage which will be manned and stocked with common first aid and palliative care supplies. The Health Center also contains a medical lock-up where campers’ prescription medicines will be locked up and dispensed from by the onsite healthcare staff.

In the event of an emergency, campers will be taken to a medical facility nearby.

Parents are asked to contact the Camp Director prior to enrollment and discuss the specific needs their child(ren) might need.  Camp Director will consult with the healthcare staff and consider each situation. If the healthcare staff feels Camp Quest Arizona has insufficient/inadequate to handle the special needs, they will express their concerns to the Camp Director.  The Camp Director will make the final decision to either find a volunteer - if available - to meet the camper’s needs or inform the parents that our camp currently is not suitable for their children’s needs.

*Immunization exceptions will only be granted for cases of medical necessity and must be documented by a licensed medical professional and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.