Some questions just come up over and over again.  Here they are in one convenient place.

Are there any forms I need to fill out before camp?

Yes, there are.  When you register your camper, you will receive a confirmation email that has links to all the necessary forms.  You are required to supply a medical history form for our camp medical/first aid staff to become familiar with your camper's medical condition and needs.

There is also a physical examination form that needs to be completed by a licensed medical practitioner.  The physical examination form needs to have been completed within 12 months of the start of camp.

You can also find the forms on our Forms Page.

How do I get to camp?

Check out our Driving Directions to see how to get to camp.

Do you offer rides to camp?

No,  At this time we cannot offer rides to camp.  For us to offer rides would require that we institute of program of driver training, testing and vehicular inspections of our volunteers and their cars, which would add considerable cost to the price of camp or we'd need to charter a bus.

When we consider the number of campers we can have at camp versus the number of campers who have requested rides, we cannot justify the cost at this time.

It may be possible for your campers to "carpool" with another camper's family.  If you'd like help trying to find someone who may be able to help, just let us know.  Camp Quest Arizona assumes no liability on any such arrangements made.

Can I send food/snacks with my camper?

Within limits, yes, but is is highly discouraged.

The James Camp facility strictly prohibits food and drinks (except water) outside the dining and kitchen areas due to the risk of wild animal incursion into camp.

The professionally-catered menu at camp provides the campers with all the necessary nutrition throughout each day. If a camper brings snack items to camp, those items will be stored in a central location and will be accessible to the camper only during mealtimes and free time.

Storage space in the kitchen is very limited and therefore Camp Quest Arizona asks that campers bringing snacks should be limited to those who have specific allergies or other dietary restrictions.  All food items cannot be kept with the camper and must be turned in at check-in.

Candy or soda are prohibited.

If you are thinking of sending something, please let us know in advance so we can discuss it.  Snacks not cleared in advance may get turned away at check-in.

Can I send mail to or call my camper?

No.  Camp is very remote. There is no mail delivery and there are no phone lines to the camp.  Mobile phone reception is virtually nonexistent in the camp and campers are not permitted to make or receive calls.

Can my camper call me during camp?

No.  In addition to there being no phone lines and virtually no mobile phone service in the camp, campers are not allowed to be receiving or sending calls, text message or emails during camp.  Part of the summer camp experience is developing independence away from the campers' usual support network and being participating in and being engaged with the activities and other campers.

Part of being at camp is dealing with homesickness, and the first response is often to think to pick up the phone and call home, but the research into homesickness says this is exactly the wrong thing to do.  All Camp Quest Arizona staff are trained in the techniques to deal with and overcome homesickness.

If a call needs to be made home, that will be the decision of the Camp Director, who will leave camp to reach a place when mobile phone service is available and make the necessary call.  Most camp communication with parents will be done via email where possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

It's complicated.

Camp Quest Arizona endeavors to keep costs as low as possible by pricing our camp registration based on actual costs of camp.  Many of the camp expenses need to be paid in advance of camp - rent, catering, insurance, training, fees, etc.  The closer we approach camp, the more of the costs are already "sunk" - therefore, processing cancellations depends on when the cancellation occurs - by about three weeks before camp, no refunds can be given.

Prior to that, please contact us and we'll see what we can arrange.

Can my camper bring their laptop computer [insert some other piece of technology here] to camp?

Mostly, no.

Camp is a full week program, with activities planned all day, including free time for campers to pursue camp activities and socializing.  The program is not intended for campers to be able to retreat away from and into the familiarity of their electronic devices.

That said, we recognize that electronics are an integral part of life for most people these days and so we have a limited number of specific devices that can be used at appropriate times.  These devices include:

  • Cameras
    Camp is about making memories and we understand that campers also might want to take pictures of those memories.  Cameras need to be used with respect for the other campers and their use must not interfere with the programming of camp.  Also, campers and their parents are liable for obtaining the necessary permissions for use or posting online of any pictures taken by the camper.

  • eReaders
    During "Flat on Bunk" time, campers get a bit of down time to themselves in their cabins.  They can nap if they want, or they can use that time to quietly read or pause some other interest.  During this time, campers can use eReaders to read books.

  • Music Players (with headphones only)
    Similar to eReaders, during "Flat on Bunk" time, campers can listen to music, provided that they use headphones so as to not disturb the other campers.

...and if your next sentence is, "but, my kid's phone is their camera, eReader and music player!" we know.  That's why we also permit mobile phones provided that they are only used in the above capacities.

One thing we will point out, mobile phones typically require daily charging, and they use more power when they are searching for weak cellular signals.  There is exactly one electrical outlet in each cabin.  The electrical power is provided by generators that are only on during the day.  The staff members in the cabin get priority use of the electricity for camp radios, etc.

It is effectively impossible for a cabin full of 10-15 campers to all charge their phones.

Any electronic devices brought to camp are done so entirely at your risk.

Can my camper arrive late or leave early?

Maybe.  Camp programming is designed around building teams and progressing through the programs. Starting late seriously hampers that, especially considering camp is only a week long.  We allow campers to arrive on the second day of camp, but we strongly discourage it.  If you need to remove your camper before the week is over, we certainly would not prevent that, but again would discourage it unless it was an emergency.

In either case, no discounts or refunds will be given.

What kinds of medications can I send with my camper?

Whatever their doctor has prescribed for them.

All medications must be in the original container, with prescription information on it, and must be checked in and locked up in the medical cabin.  Medicine will be scheduled and distributed, per the dosages on the packaging, by camp medical staff.

Campers are allowed to keep inhalers on their person, but they also must be checked with the medical staff at check-in time.

If your camper is taking non-prescription medicines, please make sure that information is disclosed on the health forms.  In most cases our still will make sure we have the medicine in stock if needed.  

Our medical staff may contact you if they have any questions about your camper's medications.

Do my kids need to be vaccinated?

Yes.  Camp Quest Arizona adheres to the principles of science-based medicine and the vaccination recommendations that come from them.  All campers must be current on their vaccinations, unless they have a bona fide medical exemption, which will need to be documented by a licensed health care provider on the physical examination form.

What is check in time / check out time?

Check-in, check-out time will be announced when registration opens.  Typically, check-in is from 3:00-5:00PM on Sunday and check-out time is 12:00-2:00PM on Saturday.

Have your volunteers been background checked?

Yes.  Our volunteers are background checked in compliance with Arizona requirements and American Camp Associate requirements.

Criminal background and national sex offender checks are run on all staff members each year.

In addition to background checks, each year all volunteers are trained in conflict resolution, homesickness and camp safety procedures.

Will there be swimming?

Probably not.

Every year, we encounter the same situation - no volunteers with lifeguard experience combined with the fact that swimming at our camp would be in the lake/pond.  This requires that any lifeguards are not only pool-certified, but also that they have the much less-common-in-Arizona waterfront-certifications.  We are very serious about making sure that the campers are safe, and will not conduct swimming programming without all the necessary personnel and skills.

If we have swimming, we will announce it shortly before camp starts.