Instructions for Completing and Uploading Forms

The medical forms are supplied in PDF format, a common format used on the Internet, but different computers have different tools available for processing and handling them.

Depending on what type of software you have available to you, you may be able to fill out the form(s) on your computer, save them and upload them back to us.  That works great.

Often, though, many of our families don't have software for editing PDF forms, and instead print them, fill them out and scan them for upload back to us.  That works for us, too.

But what if you don't have a scanner?

You can, of course, simply mail them to us at our post office box listed at the bottom of the page.

Did you know that there are apps for your smartphone that can use the camera on the phone as a scanner and make PDFs for you?  Check the iTunes App Store or Google Play store (as appropriate for your phone) to see what is available.

Uploading the forms

Our registration system is a bit literal.  When it gives you one form, it expects one form in return - even if that form is four pages long.  You cannot upload the pages of a single form individually.

If you've already scanned the forms into multiple PDFs, you may be able to use a free, online service such as to merge them back into a single document.

Once you've got the forms filled out, scanned, pdf'ed and merged back as the original documents, go to the registration system's parent portal, log in and upload the documents.