What good is having a summer camp if kids can't afford to come to camp?

Our Awesome Partners

We have some awesome partners in the local secular community who recognize the value of building community right here in Arizona and having a secular summer camp for our kids.

They include the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix and Freethought Arizona in Tucson.

The HSGP gives generously to our campership fund and FTA sponsors campers to camp each year. These are both great organizations in our community and we encourage you to check them out.

At Camp Quest Arizona we strive to keep the cost of camp down.  We try to balance the cost that parents pay to send their kids to camp closely to the cost of running the camp.  We're an all-volunteer organization - there are no salaries to pay.

We even offer no-interest payment plans to help families with camp costs without breaking their monthly budget.

Sometimes, that isn't enough.

Sometimes, having the money to pay for camp just isn't an option.

And that's why Camp Quest Arizona provides financial aid ("camperships") to offset the camp registration fees for families with financial need. Financial aid funding comes from tax-deductible donations to Camp Quest Arizona.

Our campership grants are offered based on calculations using the annually-updated US Federal Poverty Guidelines.

There is no cost to apply, and grants are typically awarded within 48 hours of completion of all the paperwork.

Applications are being accepted right now!

If you're in Southern Arizona (Pima and Cochise counties) and interested in applying for the FTA sponsorships, you can simply apply on the Camp Quest Arizona financial aid application and select the option on the application form.