Campers may only bring approved electronic devices to camp, which are limited to cameras, music players with headphones, e-readers and hand-held GPS units.  These devices can only be used at approved times during camp.
If a camper brings a camera, they must only use it in a manner that is respectful of the privacy and dignity of other campers and staff. If a camper is caught using a camera in violation of this, both the camera and the pictures will be confiscated.
Devices that have the capability to send or receive phone calls or other communications (including email or text messages) are highly discouraged at camp.  Campers will not be permitted to use them to send or receive phone calls, text messages, emails or browse the Internet.  Mobile phones should be in airplane mode at all times. They may only be used as cameras, music players (with headphones) and e-readers during camp.
The James Camp facility has no utility electricity.  Electricity is produced by a generator and solar power during daylight hours only.  Cabins have very limited electrical outlets and use of electricity is prioritized for camp activities.  Electricity to charge or run electronic devices may not be available.
Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the Camp Director taking and holding the device in safekeeping until the camper departs.

Camp Quest Arizona is not responsible for lost or stolen items.