This document includes printed Google Maps directions to the James 4-H Camp at Mingus Springs, our camp location.

While the camp is located very near Prescott, Arizona, it is quite remote. The last few miles of the road to camp are unavoidably a maintained, but unimproved, dirt forest road. (Hereafter referred to as “the Road.”)

Parental feedback about the Road has been mixed. Your personal experience with it will probably depend largely on your prior experience travelling mountain dirt roads. Judge your own skill accordingly.

This video is time-lapse slideshow of the Road on the Camp Quest Arizona. The video shows a trip to the camp in 2012 and a return from camp in 2014. 

We expect to post more information concerning the Road as camp gets closer.

Many members of our staff have driven to camp in ordinary passenger vehicles; however, the Road’s condition is subject to variables beyond our control. The weather conditions prior to camp and Forest Service maintenance schedule all make for some variability in the quality of the road at the time of camp.

In dry conditions, we suggest that you anticipate travelling at 10-20 mph and if you have a higher-clearance vehicle, such as a truck or SUV, it’s recommended that you use it. Sports cars and low-clearance vehicles are not recommended.

We have learned through trial and error that various different SatNavs or smartphone/computer mapping apps will produce varying directions to camp. There are several different dirt roads of varying distance and difficulty that can lead to the camp. We suggest that you avoid those and stick to the directions provided here.

Even if your smartphone app has provided you with the correct directions, there are stretches of the road, particularly as you approach camp, where there is no cell phone coverage and these apps can become useless. Therefore we strongly suggest that you print these instructions out and have them with you.

The directions attached are from Cordes Junction on the I-17, by way of Prescott Valley. Adapt your route accordingly if you’re coming from the North. The red outlines represent the unpaved portions of the journey.

We’re looking forward to seeing your child at camp! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. 

Screenshot 2016-12-10 16.37.56.png
  1. Head north on I-17 N go 0.4 mi total 0.4 mi
  2. Take the exit toward AZ-69 go 0.2 mi total 0.6 mi
  3. Slight left onto AZ-69 go 21.3 mi About 20 mins total 21.9 mi
  4. Turn right onto Fain Rd go 7.2 mi About 7 mins total 29.2 mi
  5. Sharp right onto AZ-89A N/Prescott-Jerome Waterway (signs for Arizona 89A N) go 12.1 mi About 17 mins total 41.3 mi
  6. Turn right onto Forest 104 Route About 6 mins go 1.5 mi total 42.8 mi
  7. Turn right onto Forest 413 Route About 10 mins go 2.6 mi total 45.4 mi
  8. Turn right to stay on Forest 413 Route About 9 mins go 2.5 mi total 47.9 mi
  9. Arrive at latitude/longitude: 34.641671 -112.149825


A word of caution.  A link to Google Maps is included below.  Some people have reported, and it's been verified, that sometimes Google Maps suggests an alternate route to reach camp.  There are several small, winding dirt roads that can get you to camp, but unless you have a four-wheel drive vehicle and plenty of extra time, we strongly suggest you follow the instructions as presented above.