Summer camp has a long history in the United States. There have been wilderness camps for kids going back to the late 19th century. Generations of kids have marked summer camp as one of the highlights on the road to adulthood. Camp is a powerful experience, getting people into a new environment, jump-starting learning and building community that can last a lifetime.

An equally-long tradition has been for religious and religiously-affiliated organizations to subsidize camp for their children. They recognize camp as a powerful way to build community and camaraderie amongst their young, things that benefit their children for their entire lives.

The children of secular/agnostic/humanist/freethinking families (call them what you will) deserve the same opportunity.

We started Camp Quest Arizona because we loved camp as kids and because we know that, while our community is currently entrusted to us, the future of it rests in the hands of the next generations.

Summer camp was a powerful and important part of many of our childhoods and we want those opportunities for our children, and we want it to be successful.  Camp Quest Arizona offers financial assistance in the form of camperships paid for by donations.

If you'd like to consider contributing to Camp Quest Arizona and the future, please visit our Donations Page.