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Matt Feller

Matt Feller joined our Board of Directors in December 2017.


Chu-Wan Glover

Chu-Wan was born and educated in Taipei, Taiwan. While in business college, she enjoyed spending her summer as a camp counselor and working with young people. It was there she discovered her passion in life and decided to become a teacher. At age 20, her father took up a friend’s offer and bought her a one way ticket to Phoenix. She has lived in Phoenix since then.

Chu-Wan completed her education courses and started teaching kindergarten. She loves young children’s curiosity about the world around them and the excitement of learning . She also has two children and they are the reason that she wanted to bring Camp Quest to Arizona.


Eugene Glover

Eugene Glover is a native of Arizona. Born in Tucson, he has also lived in Oracle, AZ and has been in the Phoenix metro area since 1982.

He is a second-generation non-believer. He is married and father of two children. His hobbies/interests include Science Fiction, bicycling, camping and videography.

Eugene began working on Camp Quest Arizona because of his love of summer camp and desire that both his own and other children could experience camp without the all-too-common religious baggage and is a founding member of the Camp Quest Arizona.


Jennifer White

Jennifer White was born and raised in Massachusetts by agnostic parents. In their later years they became evangelical Christians, which convinced Jennifer once and for all that she is definitely an atheist, no question about it. Jennifer and her husband, a Phoenix native, came here in 1973, and except for a 20-year period in the Los Angeles area, have been Phoenicians ever since. Jennifer studied fine arts at Arizona State University. The kids are grown and there are many, many grandkids and great-grandkids.

Jennifer and her husband are active in numerous groups between them, such as the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, Americans United for Separation of Church & State – Greater Phoenix, Secular Coalition for Arizona, Freedom from Religion Foundation – Valley of the Sun, ACLU Arizona, and now Camp Quest Arizona.

Jennifer teamed with a group of Humanists to create the Humanities Project, an effort to bring more arts/humanities to HSGP. She also champions children’s activities, and is helping to build support for Camp Quest and Odyssey of the Mind within HSGP. Jennifer administers Facebook and Meetup pages for HSGP, FFRF, and AU-GP.